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Bathroom wall tiles for home designs ideas at unbeatable price from leading tiles supplier in UK

A bathroom is a place where you can be yourself without thinking about what the world is thinking about you. It is a place where you laugh and cries on a bad day and you get a great idea on a good day (remember Archimedes Eureka). It is also an important part of your house since it is a place where you begin and concludes your day. Though the bathroom is a nonjudgmental zone of your home it is a room that is implicitly talked about by friends and since they have their privacy in a bathroom it is the most scrutinized room of the house. Bearing these factors in mind it is inevitable to take special care when you are modeling the bathroom since it is essential to choose the suitable bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles for your house.

If you are thinking of revamping your bathroom the important feature that you will have to work in is the bathroom walls and flooring as well as the bathtub, showers, toilet and the lavatory fittings like flush valves, taps, and toilet. It is very important that all these components are in sync with each other. One will also have to keep in mind the theme that was created in the other rooms like the drawing room, dining room, kitchen, etc. And create the bathroom tiles theme accordingly.

The walls are an important part of your restroom. You will have to remember that a lavatory is a place where water is the main component so you need to use walls which are moisture resistant and non-slippery. Instead of going for painting the wall the best option is bathroom tiles. Since they are easy to clean and are more durable. You can choose from a number of different tiles for lavatory at Tilezone. If you want to go for a look that is a norm in bathrooms throughout the world you can go for ceramic tiles and choose your design as per the floor and the fittings like a toilet, bathtub, etc. If you want a better version of these bathroom wall tiles than you can try mosaic tiles which looks good and luxurious. Especially split face tiles are a good choice because they use natural stone in them. So if you want to go for bathroom wall tiles which do not make a big hole in your pocket than you can choose our tiles at affordable rates. If you are a lover of nature and are ready to shell out some extra pounds for something that will last for a long time than you can choose our slate effect tiles.

Help yourself from the wide range of tiles that are there at your disposable. You can not only install the tiles on the wall of your bathroom but try this look in other rooms of the house as well because if you use the wooden tiles in other rooms of your house like the drawing room just imagine the ambiance that it would create.