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Wood effect tiles for home and office at cheap price online in UK

1. Style

When we talk about wood effect flooring style there are many existing choice, but not as better than porcelain or ceramic tiles. There are only limited ranges of wood effect tiles available when it comes to imagination of tile designers. A local retailer might have five, six or seven oaks to make a choice from but none of them differ in looks.

When we compare, a tile manufacturer could produce:

• An oak which is slightly darker in version and may not be available in real world

• An upset look.

• Shabby appearance.

• Rough finish.

• Style with some flaws.

• Rustic effect.

If thought practically, anything can be shaped or designed in a same price figure. There are numerous different sizes and shapes available out in market. Coming to the styles, designers of tiles has covered almost everything which is offered by nature.

2. Price

Price is the main aspect that we think of before making any purchase. It is always said that the cheapest option tends to come with poor quality, same applies here. A thin, non-water-proofed mounting board with rough edges is the cheapest one to produce. This option is for those who are experiencing the worst financial crises maybe for a landlord renovating a rental property or willing to use a quick and easier way to tidy up a garage or a shed. Cheap wood effect tiles always comes with a distinct advantage when price graph moves up. Engineered flooring has a retail price which is parallel to the manufacturing costs associated to different types of wood. Very few species demands higher price than normal indigenous varieties. Cypress from Australia or Walnut from Brazil will obviously commands higher price as compared to local milled birch. Nowadays, tile factories can replicate any wood that you point to, be it with exotic or otherwise, without any change in price range. In fact, it really costs no more to manufacture a wider plank made with ceramic compared to actual wood. Over all, the best value that can be found is in and only in floor tiles .

3. Wear, Tear, and Maintenance

When it comes to natural wood, it is often finished with an oil or a lacquer on its surface which tends to wear over the time though daily use. The more the traffic occurs, the faster this happens. Unluckily, this happens only on the surface where walking is more, which results in deterioration obviously. Dragging toys, portable furniture, toenails of pets and of course high heels etc. will surely scrape or dent the upper layer of wood. The areas that are subjected to direct sunlight can also be faded which will not happen with tiles at all. Of course, a solid wood or engineered floor can be renovated or refinished at some points but it won’t last for long period of time. Sooner or later, it has to sanded down which is a complex job if believed. Laminated floors can’t be sanded. Though they are tougher than their natural counterparts, once they are coated through, it is the end of them. It can’t be renovated or refinished, the only option is to replacement. Wood effect tiles is what all you need, once fitted, it needs no maintenance. All you have to do is just mop it, that to only when terrible thing such as oil or tar is observed on flooring. If you feel this task so tough, then there are many cheap, easy to use cleaners available out in market which can make your flooring as good as newer.

4. Water Damage

When it comes to cleaning a wooded floor, it is strongly recommended not to dump bucket of water on floor and spread it all over to get the job done. This way, water will surely seep between the joints which results in irreparable damage to wooden floor. Whereas, cleaning a wooden effect floor tiles is just like a piece of cake, all you need is to mop it and make your floor shine like never before. This reasons explains the disadvantages of using authentic wood flooring and recommends to split your flooring desire to new era and experience the better enhancement in flooring with the use of cheap wood effect tiles.