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Buy stone effect tiles for walls and floors at cheap price online in UK

Create a natural look with the help of these awesome collections of stone effect tiles. These tiles are available for both walls and floors which allows us to create perfect colour combination. If you want alternative for natural stone then there is no better solution other than stone effect tiles. Inviting natural textures and surfaces into our home helps you feel closer to nature. This ultimately makes you feel more relaxed and calm.

Variety is the spice of life and you can easily get this zing through natural stone tiles and flooring. The colors are natural and pleasing to the eye and our products have a wide range of tile colours and natural designs to choose from. Installing these tiles or floors will make your house closer to nature.

The other most important characteristic is that you can even for an all in all natural stone in the flooring as well as the tiles. You can group a different tile color and pattern than the floor pattern and let nature play the game of synchronizing it together for a organic elegant look that will be difficult to comprehend in other tile forms. Moreover since they are as hard as a rock the initial cost of installation might go over budget but they are immensely low on maintenance.

Stone is also a good conductor of heat which will help you to fight against the chilling winters. You can use underfloor heating devices that will heat up the floor. Using such a device is the best option with these tiles because they heat faster. The floor heating will help you save energy because this alternative takes less energy  than standard radiator or heaters Moreover the tile installation will help you to also save a lot of space which was earlier taken by a huge radiator sitting in your room. So even though the flooring is a bit costly if you take into consideration the durability they give and also heating the floor option that is discussed earlier it is a good money saver in the long run.

These floor or wall tiles will look good in all kinds of houses with various themes like humble country cottage or a lavish apartment. Natural Tiles can be costly since at the time of installation but the tiles are comparatively more long lasting, just like beautiful slate effect tiles. You can find other different types of tiles here at Tilezone