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Stone Cladding Tiles

Following are the six creative ways in which you can use these tiles to make you home look more stylish than ever before without shelling out a fortune.

1. Dining Room or Kitchen

The first place that stone cladding tiles can be placed is in the dining room or the kitchen. Regardless of whether it is a dine-in kitchen or a formal setting the kitchen tiles will definitely add to the visual appeal of the space. For this reason, warm colour tiles can be used to brighten up the room and add to the positive energy in this space. In case, the dining room is situated elsewhere you can use dark colour tiles to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The tiles can be placed on the floor and extend till the ceiling.

2. Fireplace

Using these split face tiles would be an excellent idea because it will help make the living room cosier. The best part about tiles is that they are quite hardy and resistant to fire. For this reason, you needn’t worry about cracks and crevices as it is a low maintenance option. The ambiance around the fireplace with a rocking chair would be the perfect spot to unwind over the weekend and read a book that you have been meaning to read for a long time with a cup of tea.

3. Stairway

The next unlikely place that can use a facelift in your home is the stairway. Using is to use natural Stone Cladding tiles on the on the stairway is not just a clever idea but when it is executed well give you an excellent result. Keeping in mind how hardy these tiles are and the fact that it is a cost effective option it is a great option to opt for. Also, there are a number of design possibilities, colour palettes and sizes that can be selected from. This way, you will have the freedom to mix and match material creating ablend that your house guests will fall in love with.

4. Hallway

Very often, the hallways of a home are neglected. For this reason, you can try something different and use spit face tiles in the hallway. It will not just make the hallway more interesting to look at it will be more visually appealing instead of being uninteresting. It would be ideal to use either pale colours or white that would reflect light giving this space a more airy feeling. Consider hanging pictures or portraits on the wall to break the monotony.

5. Entrance

Another creative idea that will make your home more attractive is by making your entrance more interesting. That’s precisely the reason why these tiles will be the perfect option to go in for. In the long run, it will serve to be a very helpful because it is placed at the bottom. Since floor tiles are easy to maintain, this happens to be an excellent option to go in for. It would be a good idea to use grey tones as it will help cover dirt.

6. Sunroom

If your home has a sunroom, this is an excellent place where you can use these tiles . These tiles can add finesse and charm to the room. As the sunlight falls into the room and when it bounces off these tiles the effect it creates is beautiful. Remember to have some comfortable seating, some greenery, and decorations can transform this space into a trendy meeting room that your family and friends will love spending time in.These creative ideas will definitely help you remodel your home into the home that you want always wanted. However, the best part is that it isn’t too expensive and looks great. So, don’t worry about making unconventional design choices because it will only make your home more interesting than it is now.